Executive Committee 2017

Sobi T. Abraham - President

Indian Association Azerbaijan (IAA) member since its inception in 2003, has served IAA as former President (2008), Secretary (2006, 2013, 2016), Jt. Secretary ( 2005) and Executive committee member (2007).

Founder and Managing Director of Mantra Energy International FZE, a procurement and supply chain company for the Oil and Gas Industry with operations in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, UAE & India.

Establish a pan Indian presence and serve as a catalyst to include new and younger members  in the organisational structure of the Indian Association Azerbaijan. Encourage every Indian from every background to join the Indian Association and contribute in enhancing the profile and image of Indians in Azerbaijan.
Facilitate to promote Indian Art and Culture aimed at creating cultural amity and brotherhood between Azerbaijan and India.

Pradeep Karwarkar - Secretary

Member of IAA since its inception in 2003. Served IAA as Vice President in 2008, Treasurer( July – Dec 2009) / EC member 2009.Presently working as Pharma consultant for 5 leading Indian Pharma companies.

Worked for leading Indian Pharma companies. last company was Sun Pharma ltd. as Country Director.

Back in the EC again in 2017,  to have a common objective to serve the Indian community in Azerbaijan. It is a great pleasure  to jointly complete the objectives of the IAA with hughly dedicated EC team members.

Mahadevan M. P - Jt. Secretary

Member of IAA  since 2016 and serving as Joint Secretary of the Executive  committee.

Working as an Automation Lead professional for British Petroleum since 2013. An accomplished professional in creating and leading high-impact engineering completion that consistently meet aggressive business goals.

Being an EC member and as a committee, we are all very much proud to serve for the Indian community in Azerbaijan to uphold India's versatile culture hailing from different parts of India. The EC objective is to uphold Indo-Azeri relations through more and more socio- cultural outfits to Indian and Azeris. Jaihind!

Ullas Krishna - Treasurer

Member of IAA since 2008, serving as Treasurer of the Executive Committee 2017.

Working as commercial Manager at Caterers Developers and Contractors ( CDC).

To organize innovative events to bring the relationship between the Indian and Azerbaijani community stronger.

Anand Menon - Executive Member

Member of IAA since 2016, member  of Executive committee 2017.

Head of the QHSE function in Pioneer Engineering in Baku, a UK based MNC providing Engineering Support Services to Oil & Gas Industry.

It’s pleasure to be part of IAA EC 2017. My primary objective to enhance the socio-culture in the country by reaching to the masses and sharing the experience gathered over a period.

Babu Sahib - Executive Member

Member of IAA since its inception in 2003 2003. Serving as Executive Committee member 2017.
Working as Executive Chef at Caterers Developers and Contractors ( CDC) since 1996.

I am very much proud to say that I am one of the founder of IAA. It has been a great pleasure as a member of IAA since 2003 and as a member of 2016-2017 EC. Being the President of Baku Tamil Sangam since 2003, we as a team supported to organize various cultural events for the Indian Community of Azerbaijan. In these 14 years, We as a team personally and financially supported Indians who came as visitors, students those who were in need of financial support. The EC members are very much enthusiastic to serve for the Indian community in Azerbaijan to uphold India's versatile culture.

Deepak Phulwani - Executive Member

Member of IAA since 2006, Executive committee member in 2013 & 2014.

Managing Director of United trading company, a Oil Field Supply and Food Supplies trading company.

Pleasure to be part of a active Executive committee  to organize and promote Indian Culture in Azerbaijan.

Prakash Kanjani - Executive Member

Member of IAA since 2003. Executive committee member in 2013, and 2016.

General Director of Graphic Advertising since 1997 , dealing in corporate gifts, promotional items, printing and stationery.

To offer my best support and services to  the Indian diaspora in Azerbaijan and to showcase the rich and cultural heritage of India to the Azerbaijani and other communities here.

Praveen Kumar - Executive Member

Member of IAA since 2016, member  of Executive committee 2016.Working as Operational Manager for Pasha group.

To instill fresh and new ideas to the Executive Committee and organize events to foster friendship and amity between two countries.